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1. Basics

Item Detail
Birth Year 1991
Major in university English Linguistics(Mass Media English)
Overseas Life Experiences Australia(1 year, Working Holiday)

2. Certificates

Certificate Issuer
TOEIC Listening and Reading 915 Institute for International Business Communication
Information Security Management Examination Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)
Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)
IT Passport Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)
Mental Arithmetic 3nd class Saitama Abacus Committee
Abacus 2nd class Japan Abacus Committee
Abacus 2nd class Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3. Skills

3-1. Languages Fluency

Language Level
Japanese Native
English Business

3-2. Engineering

3-2-1. Programming Languages

Language Level
Python Upper-Intermediate
Ruby Upper-Intermediate
Go Lang Beginner
PHP Beginner
JavaScript Beginner
SQL Intermediate
HTML Intermediate
CSS Intermediate

3-2-2. Web Framework

Framework Level
Ruby on Rails Upper-Intermediate

3-2-3. Natural Language Processing

Field Level
Natural Language Processing Beginner
Deep Learning Beginner

4. GitHub Repositories

Repository Language / Framework Category
oasis-forever/deep_learning_vol1 Python Deep Learning
oasis-forever/deep_learning_vol2 Python Deep Learning
oasis-forever/nlp_tutorial Python Natural Language Processing
oasis-forever/botpress_inspection_tool_kit_py Python Chatbot
oasis-forever/web_scraping_tutorial Python Web Scraping
oasis-forever/python_coding_test Python Coding Test
oasis-forever/python_tutorial Python Tutorial
oasis-forever/restful_api_rails Ruby on Rails Web
oasis-forever/perfect_ruby_on_rails Ruby on Rails Web
oasis-forever/rails_labo_api Ruby on Rails Web
oasis-forever/rails_labo_monolisic Ruby on Rails Web
oasis-forever/e-navigator Ruby on Rails Web
oasis-forever/botpress_inspection_tool_kit_rb Ruby Chatbot
oasis-forever/ruby_coding_test Ruby Coding Test
oasis-forever/slack-notification-rb Ruby Work Flow Enhancement
oasis-forever/go_lang_tutorial Go Lang Tutorial
oasis-forever/javascript_primer JavaScript Tutorial
oasis-forever/typescript-tutorial TypeScript Tutorial
oasis-forever/nodejs_tutorial Node.js Tutorial
oasis-forever/shellscript Shell script Tutorial
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