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Investment in Work from Home Environment

Work from Home


1. Introduction

What desk, chair, keyboard and monitor to use?
They are quite crucial selections in the long run to reduce physical risks to our bodies.
I used to live with my parents and work on a study desk and chair for klds, which made my back and neck terribly stiff; however, I was not allowed to change this physically-unfriendly work environment due to spacial contraints.
Happily, I can invest my resources in it right away after I moved to a new room in Tokyo on 18 April 2020.
Here I would like to pick up some of the items I purchased for improvement of Work from Home surroundings.

2. Items in use

2-1. Desk


No good one was not available in Notiri, so I looked for somehting stylish on the internet.
I finally found the item above in LAWYA.
However, there remained some hardles to overcome.

  • This desk is a DIY item - I had a poor experince
  • The total weight was as heavy as 78kg - It was almost impossible once it settle on a position

My gentle boss gave me a hand and assemled 30% of the parts togehter, but I had to work on the rest all alone.
It was a tough fight.

Desk on progress 1
Desk on progress 2

2-2. Desk mat

Desk mat

I got this item to leave no scratch on the floor and avoid making noise by wheels of a office chair.

2-3. Chair


The cahir I used in my parental house was so terrible that it caused me a acute back pain, so I decided to invest as much in a comfortable one as possible.
At first, I wanted an Ergohuman chair, but I gave up because of its crazy price.
This item was much gentler than the desk above in terms of assembly.
The best point is its foot rest on which I can keep a relaxing posture.

2-4. Monitor

Monitor 1
Monitor 2

It project Full HD, not 4K / 8K, but I did not require such a high definition.
I am satisfied with the clear display enough for the resonable price.

2-5. Keyboard


I used to use a cheap silent keyboard, but I came to suffer from heavy pain on my whist every time I typed it.
I thought of purchasing something for approximately 10,000 JPY, but I fell in love with the keyboard aboce at first sight at Bic Camera in Akihabara.
The price went far beyond my budget, but it deserved the cost thanks to pretty light typing reactions, split structure providing a natural angle of my arms and attractive typing sound.

2-6. Whist rests

Whist rests

Pretty damaging on my whist has been typing a keyboard with my arm in the air, leading to serious ache.
So it was the high time I should get whist rests with the keyboard to reduce a risk.
Now I feel much more comfortable with them now.

2-7. Monitor stand

Monitor stand

The space on the desk was not so spacious, so I needed to save some room.
I succeeded in tidying the desk by putting the monitor high on the stand and cables under it.

2-8. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

What speaker to use is also important in video conferences on duty.
Also, I love listening to music and watching movies/TV/LIVE concerts off duty.
I looked for a resonable one and found it at BicCamera.
It supplies amazing sound quality as well as water / dust proof designs.
The sound quolity blows that of my life.

3. Conclusion

I spent more than 100,000 JPY in enhancing quality of work environment.
Now I am pretty happy with it.

Work station 1
Work station 2

To raise a thing I want, it would be a web camera - If I had one, I could keep my laptop closed under the monitor stand in order to save more space on the desk.
Webcams have sold quite well because a lot of people switched to remote work for the last couple of months, so just a few seem available now.
Please keep me posted your favourite if you have any.