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Language and Communication - Introdution Vol.1 - Introduction

Language and Communication


1. Analysis


  We do not often think about the importance of language to our lives - about its importance to our social lives and about its importance to our ways of thinking.  One reason for this is that using language is very easy for most of us (unless we have to write a term paper or give a public lecture), so easy that most people are led to underestimate the importance of language.  Nevetheless, human languages are of very great importance both to the nature of our societies and to our intellectual accomplishments.  Let us see why this is so.
  The success of humans in mastering our environment is the result of our ability to cooperate with each other and this, in turn, depends on our ability to comminicate with each other.  By communicating, we can exchange important information and make plans for cooperative behavior.  Our success also depends on our ability to think, and this ability to think also depends on language in important respects.

(Michael L. Geis, Language and Communication, Oxford, OUP, 2001, p.1, ll.1-17)

2. Analysis

We find three important points in the text above as follows.

  • We use language so naturally that we rarely care about it. -> Language is simmilar to us on daily basis.
  • Language matters to both nature of our soociety and our intellectual accomplishments -> Language is depply rooted on what we humans are.
  • We humans have flourished bacause of communication and cooperation with others.

A ability for us to live our social life depends on another as the chart shows below.

Language Dependency

3. Reference

Michal L. Geis, Language and Communication, Oxford, OUP, 2001