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Keywords of the Modern America

The United States


1. Political Correctness 1 - Gender, Sex, Diversity -

Original Words PC Words Notes
Ladies and gentleman Good morning, passengers.
Hello, everyone.
Other genders than man and woman
neuter non-binary 71 gender categories in Facebook
gender-free gender-neuter
transgender pansexual
(Meaning) Those who are attracted by someone else regardless of gender
Neutral gender in pronouns
they singular they (e.g.) He himself violated a taboo. -> He themself violated a taboo.
Mx. Neutral title
foreign international Because of a nuance of alien.
(e.g.) foreign students -> international students
(Exceptions) foreign minister, foreign exchange, foreign reserve
chairman chairperson
-> chair
-person should be omitted by analogy.
anchorman anchorperson
-> anchor
The same example as chair
actor Because of discrimination of job title based on gender
hero Same as "actor"
waitress waitperson, waitron
-> waitstaff
Same as "actor"
coed student Same as "actor"

2. Political Correctness 2 - Social Movements -

Taboo / Obsolete / Ordinarily Used Word PC Word Notes
global warming climate change Political pressure that raise of global temperature is not caused by human being but physical processes
slow children slow down Because of the nuance of lob or gawk.
the disabled, the handicapped [Not Fixed Yet] Under debate of an alternative expression
-> black
-> Afro-American
-> African American
-> coloured people
people of colour N-word is STRONGLY PROHIBITE
In 2018, Megyn Kelly, an American journalist and political commentator, was fired from NBC because of Blackface comments.
flip chart easel Political correctness of its discriminatory nuance to Filipino
Christmas party office party Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah as Christians observe Christmas
Oriental Chinese Political correctness of its discriminatory nuance to Chinese people
Jew Jewish person Political correctness of its discriminatory nuance to Jewish people

3.The Digital Age

Word Usage
friend Verbal form is "befriend" but it was verbed as the antonym of “unfriend”.
ghosting Getting out of touch all of a sudden
trolling Posting something ridiculous and unpleasant to social networking services in order to pull people's attention
catfish Identity thief on the internet
always-on Staying active at any time on social networking services
text-neck Distorted neck caused by looking down at smart phones
grammable Attractive on social networking services such as Instagram
FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
Concerns falling behind of information and opportunities
JOMO Joy Of Missing Out
Movements of control of information to get back joy of life.
couch-potato Already obsolete
Being relaxed watching TV with chips.

4. Others

Word Meaning
go postal
-> Run, Hide, Fight
It used to happen in post offices frequently so it was called go postal of which phrase sounds obsolete.
But if we face such a threatening situation today, we must Run first, Hide secondly and Fight in the worst case.
So we call mass-shooting Run, Hide, Fight nowadays.
senior moment Dementia of the aged
Elderly couples address each other in sweet ways like "darling", "sweety", "honey" etc.
It looks happy for the third party but they cannot actually remember name of the partner.

5. Reference