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My Certificates and Awards



1. Valid Certificates

The following certificates either has not expired yet or has no expiration date, so they have been valid.

1-1. English

Not to mention, this certificate is valid within Japan.
I have never taken TOEFL or IELTS(still studying), this is the only English certificate I own.


1-2. IT

The following certificates were what I took when I worked as a system engineer.
Truth be told, they were useless for job hunting, but they helped me to understand the basics of computer science.

IT Passport
Information Security Management Examination
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination

1-3. Abacus / Mental Arithmetic

I practiced abacus for 6 years when I was a kid.
Thanks to the experience, I took fewer pains at calculation.

Abacus 2nd class - Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Abacus 2nd class - Japan Abacus Committee
Mental Arithmetic 3nd class

2. Expired Certificates

The following certificates I got in the past has already expired.

2-1. Karate(martial arts)

I used to be a Black-Belt player and publicly qualified with the first degree, but it expired when I was 16 years old because of its age limitation.

2-2. Responsible Service of Alcohol

This certificate was required for me to serve foods and drinks at restaurants in Queensland State of Australia when I was there for working holiday.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

2-3. Working with Children Check

This certificate was required for me to work as a volunteer Japanese teacher at a high school in Sydney of Australia when I was there for working holiday.

Working with Children Check

3. Awards

3-1. Silver Eminence

I was rewarded as an excellent worker in BEACH CLUB of Hamilton Island.

Silver Eminence

3-2. Reference Letters

My boss in BEACH CLUB of Hamilton Island and St.Ives High School thankfully issued the reference letters so that they recognised me as a good partner.

Reference Letter - BEACH CLUB
Reference Letter - St.Ives High School

4. Conclusion

To tell the truth, the certificates above have never contributed straight to my career or higher income.
This kind of stuff is something I have to "grow".
As it were, I still have seeds in my hands.
I have to seed in cultivated soil and water them day after day.
Then, they will sprout someday.

"You just get any certificates anyway!!"

Some adults told me that.
Now and then, I think what a nonsense the word is.
There is no guarantee that they will do.

I know I am bossy, but let me declare that certificate is just a means.