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Retirement Entries Vol.2

Career Change


1. Career 2 - Web Engineer -

Since I had no work experience as a web engineer, I failed a lot of job interviews during the 5-month job hunting.
Fortunately, I succeeded in entering a firm whose business was to develop customised web system.

What astonished me there was most engineers were very keen on the latest technologies, methods for development and programming.
Engineering was nothing but a tool to earn my living so it was so surprising to see such Tech Lovers for the first time.

At first, I took a heap of pains at catching up having around 45-hour overtime work for the first 2 months.
But I picked up the essential skills as a web engineer thanks to advice from senior engineers.

1-1. Projects

I worked for 1 year and 7 months, where I experienced about 5 projects below.

Projects Tasks
Corporate Website Renewal Front-end coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript(jQuery), PHP
Framework Migration Transfer from Laravel to Ruby on Rails, Front-end coding in HTML(ERB), CSS(SCSS)
Own Products Development Server-side coding on Ruby on Rails
Quality Assurance Test End-to-End test of iOS / Android applications
Own Tech Blog Compose articles, Post Entries

1-2. Work Environment

It was so quiet and gloomy that I only heard noise made by typing and server exhaust.
Slack-based communication was entirely introduced there and I texted even someone next.
It seemed that most members, particularly CTO and team leaders, were not happy with face-to-face communication.
It was quite creepy to see people typing with their faces dead.

Looking back on a day, I often found I had not talked with anyone else even saying "Hi".
I prefer direct talks so the atmosphere tortured me a lot.

1-3. Benefits

I acquired some of the following skills thanks to the projects I experienced.
Were it not for the experiences, I could not have obtained them so I am grateful for it.

Languages Level
Ruby Upper-Intermediate
Python Beginner
PHP Beginner
JavaScript Intermediate
Node.js Beginner
SQL Intermediate
HTML Upper-Intermediate
CSS Upper-Intermediate
Linux Intermediate
Frameworks Level
Ruby on Rails Upper-Intermediate
Bootstrap Upper-Intermediate

2. The Triggers of Career Change 2

2-1. Life and Money

At first, I was a trainee so I accepted my low salary.
But even after I improved my skills for the next 1 year, it stayed almost the same.
The corporate site said this company had a definite evaluation criteria but the manager did not review what I worked on and achieved at all.
Were I to stay there, my salary would never reach even the average of my age and would never return debt to my parents I borrowed from them to study in the university.

For these economic reasons, I began to think of career change again.

2-2. Interest in Long-Term Contribution to Own Products

The merit in customised web development was I experienced many projects for a short term, thanks to which I acquired various skills.
But basically, the deliverables becomes the asset of client.
Aside from maintenance phase, there is no chance to contribute to a long-term growth of products.
So I became interested in long-term growth of products and would not like to be a developer who only faces a computer screen and write codes without communication all day.

If I was involved in it, I would be required to contemplate the current of market, technologies, customer's preference and have technical expertise of wider diverse fields.
But it was exactly what I desired to devote myself to at an early stage in order to make a difference.

2-3. Communication

I strongly believe that face-face communication is the most important factor in a workplace for

  1. Mutual Understanding: If I know the partner well, I do not have to be nervous.
  2. Psychological Safety: If I feel safe because of solidarity with the company, I will not be troubled with stress from awkward communication.
  3. Productivity: If I can be honest to the other, I can have an open discussion to smoothly solve a problem.

But as I mentioned, the workplace entirely make the best of Slack so that there were a lot of members even whose voice I have never heard.
I felt like everyone was a stranger there and I did not think of myself as safe.

So communication was the top priority for me in a sense.

Of course, everyone is not like me and they prefer such a quiet environment and text-based communication to avoid interruption.
It is a matter of our preferences.

3. Career Change 2

Thankfully, I got an offer from a company which provided a customer-support chatbot service as their own product.
I decided to join it because of the following 3 reasons.

  1. I won much higher offered salary than that of the second career => Clear 1st Concern
  2. The firm is still so young that I can contribute to long-term growth of the organization and products => Clear 2nd Concern
  3. The CEO, CTO and team leader are all very gentle, soft-spoken and make much of team building => Clear 3rd Concern

Luckily, I am going to get involved in a chatbot service related a little to what I majored in when I was a university student so I am very happy with it because I am into languages.
But until I got the offer, I did not know what service I wanted to commit and was looking for through job hunting.
It might not be so bad as long as I could find an answer in the long run.

I have not started working as of 17.01.2020 so I do not know what I chose was correct.
All I will do is to make my choice right.

I know I am still poorly-skilled engineer so in order to fully contribute to the next, I will

  1. Go on improving server-side programming skills
  2. Acquire cloud infrastructure administration
  3. Acquire modern front-end frameworks
  4. Learn and contribute to team building
  5. Grow and expand its business

I wish myself all the best.