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Storage Hack for iPhone Users

iPhone Storage


1. Introduction

What a version of iPhone do you use?
To be ahamed, I have still been using iPhone 6S, which is becoming outdated nowadays.
One of the most serious problem is the storage is up to as few as 64GB.
As you know, modern web pages are quite heavy to load and our mobile phones store chache in the storage, which occupy much room.
So we need more space for web brawsing as well as personal date, such as videos, photos and music files.
The thing is how we make the most of the limited resource.

I have also been fight against this cause of headache and finally got a helpful solution.
I would like to have it in common here.

2. The Best Solution

I purchased a universal serial bus memory(USB memory) compatible to iPhone as well.
Transcend USBメモリ(iPhone iPad iPod/Win Mac兼用:Apple MFi認証取得)128GB ブラック JetDrive Go 300 TS128GJDG300K
5,480 JPY(as of 26 March 2019)

JetDrive Go 300 TS128GJDG300K

Unfortunately, this item is currently unavailable.
After you get this item and transfer all data you need on your computer, you just follow the procedures as follow.

2-1. Setup Procedures

  • Go to App Store and install JetDrive Go.

  • Then, you will find the app installed.

App Installed

  • Insert you JetDrive USB memory to your iPhone and tap allow on the popup message.

Allow Access

  • You have arrived on the top page of the app.


2-2. Primary Features

  • You can browse files in folders, Photos, Music, Videos and Documents by switching tabs.
File in Folders
  • You can play or preview Photos Music, Video and Documents.
Photo Preview
Music Play
Video Play
Document Preview

2-3. Pros

  • You can swap the data on your iPhone I do not need for the files on JerDrive USB memory I would like.
  • You can backup and exchange important data between your laptop/desktop and your iPhone.
  • You do not have to boot your laptop/desktop to browse data on you USB.
  • Support centre is generous and kind: When my laptop came not to load the USB(obviously broken), I sent it to Trasnscend and got a new one for free.

2-4. Cons

  • Preview functions are poor
    • When you play a music file, you cannot go back to play display once you close it. In that case, you just play it from the scratch.
    • Video play does not support background play, so it stops when you close the app.

3. Things I Tried

3-1. Clear cache each app stores

Most apps provide the fucntion to remove unnecessary cache, so I tapped the button over and over.
But the odd was too small to recognise.

3-2. Uninstall / Reinstall apps

The following apps occupy much space to keep cahce, so I delete and installed them again.

But it was not a good strategy to carry out every time these app come to tight storage.

3-3. PhoneClean Pro

I subscribe for a year and kept using it.
But I did recognise few differences and stopped paying for it.

4. Conclusion

In the long run, it will be the best way to buy a removable storage.
Now I am facing another problem.
Support for iPhone 6S will not be available in some years, but no new models attract me at all.
Apple products are too expensive because of its brand value, so I have no idea what version to but.
If you knew any resonable one, please let me know, will you?